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Re: [Condor-users] Condor commands execution using system() function in C++

Hi Ian,

I have tried changing the permissions as you suggested. I have assigned
'Full Control' to everyone on the system, and tried executing them. It did
not work and is giving me the same error. As a small test, I created an
executable 'printHI.exe' and put that in the condor\bin folder. When I
executed that using system() function, it worked exactly the way I wanted.
Do you suggest there might be some kind of a problem with configuring condor
itself? If you, do you have any idea how I can change that?

Thank you for all the help


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> How and where do I check the permissions? And how do I change
> them if required?

Go to the directory where Condor is installed and use Windows Explorer
to view the permissions. See: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308419

> If the problem were with the account, I
> wouldn't have been able to execute the commands directly on
> the command prompt right? (without using the system()
> function). But I am able to execute them directly.

Not necessarily. It depends on how Condor is configured. If it's
configured to run jobs as the submitting user then yes, you're right,
you shouldn't have a permission problem. But if it's configured to run
jobs as temporary, non-privledged user account on your machine you may
have a permission problem.

- Ian

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