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Re: [Condor-users] Avoiding Cross-Flocking

> has no one really an answer to this question? I would prefer that a
> condor pool do not accept remote jobs while it has flocked
> jobs running.
> How can I configure that?

You could run a cron job on each of your pools that changes FLOCK_TO and
FLOCK_FROM depending on what's going on in your system. If query your
schedds for one current pool, look at the values of TotalFlockedJobs,
you can set FLOCK_FROM for machines in that pool to be empty if any
schedd has TotalFlockedJobs > 0.

I'm not sure if FLOCK_TO or FLOCK_FROM can contain ClassAd expression
logic. If they can you might be able to do something fancier using
ClassAd expressions and some logic right in the setting. See:

I'm not a user of flock technology -- maybe someone who uses it has a
more elegant way to do it. But that's the first brute force method that
comes to mind.

- Ian

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