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Re: [Condor-users] problem installing on vista

Hi Brian:

Unfortunately, this seems to be happening to a handful of users and
we are trying to find a fix.

Here are some hints on getting it to work:

That said, before you try to run a successful installation, could
you run the following command from the command line first (in the
same directory the msi is in); it may help us figure out why it
is failing in this manner:

  msiexec /l*vx c:\c721.log /i condor-7.2.1-winnt50-x86.msi

And send the results to me personally, not the list (compression may
be necessary, since the log may be rather large and our system may
reject it).

Thanks :)
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> Hello,
> I am helping someone install a condor submit machine on a machine running
> Vista. We are logged in with administrative privileges.
> I get the following error whose GUI display is attached as a png file. The
> message says
> "Service 'Condor' (Condor) failed to start. Verify that you have
> privileges to start system services. Any help would be appreciated. Thank
> Brian Dandurand
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