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Re: [Condor-users] When and how is "KeyboardIdle" updated?

Rob wrote:
> Hence, any value of $(StartIdleTime) below 600 sec. has no effect,
> because the KeyboardIdle is zero during the first 10 minutes of keyboard
> inactivity anyway.......
>Why is this?

Let me partially answer my own email:

Apparently the update time can be changed with: UPDATE_INTERVAL

The default condor_config file (with the Windows installation) has these lines:

   ##  How often should the startd send updates to the central manager? 
   #UPDATE_INTERVAL         = 300

However, the default value seems to be 600, and not the 300 given here.
Also, I tried to set it like this:  UPDATE_INTERVAL = 2 * $(MINUTE)
but that did not seem to work; using instead  UPDATE_INTERVAL = 120
worked fine. Why is that?