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[Condor-users] When and how is "KeyboardIdle" updated?


When I monitor the value of KeyboardIdle on a Windows PC using
the condor_status command from my Linux Central Manager:

condor_status -l -constraint 'Name == "MYWINPC"' | \
                          egrep -e "(KeyboardIdle = |LoadAvg = )"

The KeyboardIdle jumps in chunks of 300 seconds (5 min.), but the
first change from 0 to 300 happens after 10 minutes.

In my case the value of START is predominantly determined by
         KeyboardIdle > $(StartIdleTime)

Hence, any value of $(StartIdleTime) below 600 sec. has no effect,
because the KeyboardIdle is zero during the first 10 minutes of keyboard
inactivity anyway.......

Why is this?