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Re: [Condor-users] Permissioned denied error accessing NFS volume.

It's using automount, and the condor binaries are on the same NFS share as the files it's complaining about.
The volume is mounted.

Okay, I did a little more playing around, and I'm thinking the problem is in the UID_DOMAIN variable. This is from the condor manual:

Some gritty details for folks who want to know: If the submitting machine and the remote machine about to execute the job both have the same login name in the passwd file for a given UID, and the UID_DOMAIN claimed by the submit machine is indeed found to be a subset of what an inverse lookup to a DNS (domain name server) reports as the fully qualified domain name for the submit machine's IP address (this security measure safeguards against the submit machine from simply lying), THEN the job will run with the same UID as the user who submitted the job. Otherwise it will run as user ``nobody''.

The submit machine's DNS domain name matches the UID_DOMAIN, but the nodes don't. And I don't really want to change this. The submit node has a public IP, and everything else is on private IP space. I don't know how it worked before though, since the linux nodes never matched the submit node...so maybe I'm way off base here.

I tried changing the output file to /tmp/job.out and now I get this error:

Hold reason: Error from starter on slot4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Failed to execute '/opt/osg-shared/se/app/site/bin/ condor_nfslite_job_wrapper.sh' with arguments 123845555: Permission denied

so it still can't access the NFS share. This file has perms that make it world readable, and the output file that it was complaining about I chmoded 777, and it still complained. Perhaps OSX handles the nobody account differently...


On Apr 9, 2009, at 9:58 PM, Ian Chesal wrote:

Any thoughts?

I'm guess here but: does OS X do per-user fstabs? Maybe your NFS share
isn't mounted for the user running the job?

- Ian

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