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[Condor-users] Condor Job Requirements


All I have in my job command file is just this requirement:

Requirements = (OpSys=="LINUX")

But after I submit my job, when I see my job class ad using 'condor_q -l' , I see this.

Requirements = ((OpSys == "LINUX")) && (Arch == "INTEL") && ((CkptArch == Arch) || (CkptArch =?= UNDEFINED)) && ((CkptOpSys == OpSys) || (CkptOpSys =?= UNDEFINED)) && (Disk >= DiskUsage) && ((Memory * 1024) >= ImageSize)

From where does all these extra requirements gets appended to my original job requirement, that always gets my job being rejected because of a "no match found"?


Balamurali Ananthan (bala@xxxxxxxxxx) (720.974.1843)	
Tech-X Corp, 5621 Arapahoe Ave, Suite A, Boulder, CO 80303