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Re: [Condor-users] Windows Condor Pool: job exit code -1073741502

Hi Klaus:

The submit file looks normal to me.  Sometimes we see this type of behavior
(i.e. exit with -1073741502, or Windows error 0xc0000142) when there is a
shortage of non-interactive heap space available.  For more information on
this, please see the Workaround section in:



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Hi Ben, 

This is the submit file I am using. It works on other machines and has
worked on the machine before it started giving the problem. 
The requirements expression it to force the job to run on the machine that
is giving the problem. 

Universe   = vanilla 
Executable = simple.bat 
Requirements = (Machine == "pc269265.corp.ad.emb") && (OpSys == "WINNT51" ||
OpSys == "WINNT52") 
Arguments  = 4 12 
Log        = simple-pc269265.log 
Output     = simple-pc269265.out 
Error      = simple-pc269265.err 

Regards, Klaus