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Re: [Condor-users] Windows Condor Pool: job exit code -1073741502

Hi Ben,

This is the submit file I am using. It works on other machines and has worked on the machine before it started giving the problem.
The requirements _expression_ it to force the job to run on the machine that is giving the problem.

Universe   = vanilla
Executable = simple.bat
Requirements = (Machine == "pc269265.corp.ad.emb") && (OpSys == "WINNT51" || OpSys == "WINNT52")
Arguments  = 4 12
Log        = simple-pc269265.log
Output     = simple-pc269265.out
Error      = simple-pc269265.err

Regards, Klaus

Ben Burnett <burnett@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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31/03/2009 14:14

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Re: [Condor-users] Windows Condor Pool: job exit code -1073741502

Hi Klaus:

I've tested the script on my machine and it runs as advertised.
Presumably you are running this job where the executable is a
batch file, so it is possible that the executable returning the
error code is cmd.exe (which interprets batch files) and not
your script.

Maybe post you submit file, just to make sure there is nothing
abnormal in it.

Does your user log give any hints about the execution? Like maybe
the shadow existed, etc.?  Also, check your startd/shadow/starter
logs to see if there is something amiss in them.  It is typical
to see a line like: Create_Process(condor_exec.exe, condor_exec.bat, ...)
in the starter log if something went wrong with the job's execution.


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My job runs an batch file, see it below:

@echo off
set COUNT=10
if not A%1 == A ( set THINKING_TIME=%1 )
if not A%2 == A ( set COUNT=%2 )
echo Thinking really hard for %THINKING_TIME% seconds...
rem We use ping here as a hack because "sleep" is non-standard.
ping -n %THINKING_TIME% >NUL 2>&1
rem ping -n %THINKING_TIME%
echo Our result:
if %COUNT% GEQ 1 (
   for /L %%x in (1,1,%COUNT%) do (
        echo %%x

there is no .exe program to check DLL dependencies. The only command it is
running is the ping.exe and before its execution at least an echo is
supposed to be output to the output file, but it is empty.

Excuse my lack of knowledge about, but I need further assistance.

Thanks, Klaus

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