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Re: [Condor-users] Forbid SlotID use in submit files?

Steffen Grunewald wrote:
> After a couple of pool reconfigurations, we now have a reasonable mapping
> of (memory and CPU) requirements to slots.
> Unfortunately, from ancient times there are still Requirement lines around
> which contain explicit SlotID specifications (which yield bad results with
> the new setup).
> I'd like to stop users from running jobs containing SlotID Requirements on
> most pool nodes.
> Would a START expression of the form 
> do the trick? (Did I get the idea of TARGET wrong?)
> Thanks,
>  Steffen

If jobs do have a SlotID, you're golden. If not, and jobs only
references the SlotID in their Requirements expressions, you have the
right idea with TARGET but that specific use wouldn't work.

You could use regexp instead, e.g. START = regexp(".*SlotID.*",
Requirements), but that might get slow.

If you really just want to prevent the old jobs from running, an
alternative would be to flag all your old jobs as such, e.g.
condor_qedit -const 'regexp(".*SlotID.*", Requirements)' FlaggedOld
TRUE. Then your START could check for TARGET.FlaggedOld.

Given that you can flag jobs with the old requirements expression, you
could look into just rewriting the expressions entirely with condor_qedit.