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[Condor-users] Scheduler for parallel universe

Apologies if this gets multiple postings ... this is the 3rd attempt to
send this message!


Having looked through sections 2.9 & 3.12.8 of the Condor manual I
understand that I need to set up a dedicated scheduler to enable
parallel universe & MPI jobs. I want to allow both dedicated and
opportunistic jobs on the same set of machines.

-- Do I need to setup/specify a new scheduler, or can I use the one
already in place on the central manager?
-- If a new scheduler is necessary, it needs to be on a separate box
from the current scheduler doesn't it?

My small cluster:
Condor 7.0.5 on Rocks 5.1
48 slots on 8 CentOS 5.2 boxes (execute nodes only); central manager is
CentOS 5.2 that's also the only submit node. Very low job throughput and
no interactive users so pre-emption, suspension & rank clashes are not
an issue.



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