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Re: [Condor-users] recommended version of GCC for Slackware 12

Hi Jean,

I've successfully built condor 7.2.1 on Slackware 12.2 using GCC 4.2.4. You will need to use --disable-full-port (aka you will not get standard universe) and you may run into some trouble with some of the bundled externals. Off the top of my head, blahp fails to build because it expects a specific version of automake and aclocal, you can fix that by symlinking to the correct version. Also, coredumper fails to build because linuxthreads.c:69 tries to include linux/dirent.h which doesn't exist. You can fix that by editing the bundled source and changing the include to just dirent.h.

We haven't had any problems running it.


Jean Dannemann wrote:
what is the recommended version of GCC to build Condor on Slackware 12?
and, Slackware is a good OS choice for Condor?


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