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Re: [Condor-users] Did something change in the 7.2.2 Windows release?- I can't see startds any more

> > > Yes, both machines where started at just about the same
> > time. Empty log
> > > directories both. Cold starts with 'net start condor'. Yes: the
> > > sj-bs3400-272 machine stops writing to StartLog.
> >
> > Ok, I'll try and reproduce it locally, the logs aren't as
> helpful as I
> > would have liked--especially since 7.2.2 simply stops writing one.
> >
> > If I can't get Condor to behave in the way you are
> experiencing, I may
> > need a few snippets from your configuration.
> Ben, let me generate one more batch of log files for you. I
> cleaned up the fetchwork hook script and the startd cron job
> script I'm running so there's no extra message output cruft
> to wade through.
> I'll get you updated output first thing in the morning.

Ben: here is a full 20 minutes of D_FULLDEBUG output from both machines.
I'm including condor_status snapshots so you can see the 272 machine's
ads going stale after the first minute and eventually disappearing. I'm
also including the non-debug output from my master machine -- it
includes CollectorLog.

272 and 279 are identical in every way hardwise and software wise save
for the version of the Condor binaries installed.

I cleaned up the fetchwork hook script and the startd cron script that I
have Condor running so there are no errors in the log files related to
these scripts any more. And neither machine was given jobs to run in
this period of time. They were both idle.

If there's anything else that'd help with the debug just let me know.


- Ian

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