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Re: [Condor-users] Deployment Recommendations

James Osborne wrote:
> Dear All
> My name is James Osborne and I am the Condor Project Manger at Cardiff 
> University in the UK.  Now that summer is approaching, and I have some 
> nice new virtualization infrastructure coming on stream, I am in the 
> process of virtualizing our Condor infrastructure.  I already have a 
> virtual submit machine which works very well with surprisingly low 
> overhead (I couldn't push it harder than about 4% cpu usage with 000s of 
> 15 minute jobs in the queue).  The virtualization infrastructure will soon 
> be a load-balanced pair of 3GHz dual-socket quad-core machines with 32GB 
> of RAM each with multiple redundant connections into FC storage.
> I seem to remember hearing that a good 'rule of thumb' was to have no more 
> than 2000 execute nodes reporting to a single central manager.
> 1) Is that still the case ? 
> 2) Has anybody pushed a single central manager to about 9000 execute nodes 
> ?
> 3) Does it make more sense to deploy 4-5 central managers instead and use 
> flocking ?
> 4) If so, would you for example use one central manager per core network 
> router even if that increased the number of managers to 8 or more ?
> 5) Has anybody tried to flock jobs to 8 or more central managers ?
> I can already see how I can set execute nodes to report to different 
> central managers in my Condor distribution scripts. 
> I look forwards to hearing from those of you with big pools...
> Thanks in advance.  Best regards
> James

It seems that may depend on if you are using strong authentication or
not, though 2000 number seems pretty out of date. You should have a look
at the talk by Igor and Dan from Condor Week 2008 about some of their


They used a hierarchy of collectors to decrease the load on the central
manager, and new developments in 7.3.1 allow for a single collector to
handle all their load itself.