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[Condor-users] Pools of Virtual Boxes 1.2

Dear Condor Users,

The Pools of Virtual Boxes (POVB) team is pleased to announce our version 1.2 release of our packaged Linux-based Condor execute nodes running in VirtualBox. POVB is available from


Some highlights:

- Based on VirtualBox 2.2.4 (the 3.0.x series has stability and networking issues)
- Fedora Core 11 or CentOS 5.3
- Condor 7.3.1
- NAT networking using CCB connectivity or bridged networking
- Improved Windows services to monitor Windows host usage

Of more interest to administrators wishing to deploy POVB is the bootstrapping framework, which allows for add-on package deployment and the ability to choose other Linux distributions. The bootstrapping tools run on Linux and OS X.

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