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Re: [Condor-users] Installation through yum ...

Run the following command: condor_config_val -config. This will give you
the location of the local configuration sources. The result will look
like this:
Configuration source:
Local configuration sources:

When you just install condor using yum, the machine is an standalone
condor system, which means the machine is running all the condor
daemons; master, collector, negotiator, startd, schedd, etc, for more
reference about the different types of daemons and roles read the online
manual, http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/v7.2/ref.html.  Each daemon
is responsible to configure your machine as a type of condor system,
please refer to the manual again to know what are the different condor
machine types. You can run different pools in the same network or even
different central managers in the same pool. I don't' know if you are a
newbie or a experienced condor users, in my case I would have tried to
keep it simple, creating one central manager and then around him startd
machine or execute nodes. Only the central manager or negotiator should
have all the daemons running In my understanding. The execute nodes
should have the MASTER, SCHEDD and STARTD daemons running; Scheduler
ONLY machines or Submitting ONLY nodes should have the MASTER and the
SCHEDD. Those changes can be made through the condor config files;
unless you really know what you are doing I would not touch the first
configuration file (/etc/condor/condor_config). All the configuration
changes should be made on the /var/lib/condor/condor_config.local. Now
you need to decide which machine will be running the roles of collector
and negotiator or the pool manager and which one is the startd machine.
Then point the startd or execute node to the one you designate as
central manager, after that you need to start creating and submitting
I hope this help and Good luck.

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Hi there .... i installed condor through yum on fedora 11 on two
systems ... i ran the condor_master on both of them so it is running
and condor_status also ... but they are showing there respective
processors ... now what should i do that they can communicate with
each other ....



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