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Re: [Condor-users] changing the default email

The only realistic way of doing it with no third party intermediarry is complete replacement of the condor_mail executable with one which is command line compatible.

This would be undocumented (reading the source and experimenting is only way) and tough to maintain.

Ian's way is almost certainly the best since you gain no additional info from the replacement executable but more compelx process of changing the email generated.


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> Does anyone know if its possible to change the default email format?

There's minimal support for customizing the email. See:


EmailAttributes -

Those are the only customizations I know of. The bulk of the text in the
emails sent cannot be changed. I use a round-about route to send emails
to users with custom message bodies: all email notifications get sent to
a headless account where a script processes the mail queue, reads the
emails, and decides what to do with them (reformat and forward to a
user, notify an admin, etc.).

- Ian

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