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[Condor-users] Problem with jobs on Virtual Machine


I am having a Windows OS as Host machine (tes1) and VMware Linux virtual machine (test2) as a guest OS.


I have condor installed both on Host machine and the virtual machine, and configured


Based on,



Host Machine has

VMP_VM_LIST = test2



Virtual Machine has



Virtual machine State is always “Owner” even though nobody is using the Windows Host machine and its State is “Unclaimed”, so the Linux jobs are not running on the Linux virtual machine.


I tried several START policy for virtual machine but nothing helps to run jobs on virtual machine.

Right now I have

START = ( (KeyboardIdle > 150 ) && ( HOST_KeyboardIdle > 150 ) && ( LoadAvg <= 0.3 ) && ( HOST_TotalLoadAvg <= 0.3 ) )


And the load on both Host and virtual machine is < 0.3


Could you please let me know what might be the problem, why the virtual machine state is always “Owner”.

How to fix this so that Linux jobs can run on virtual machine.

Please let me know.