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Re: [Condor-users] ROCKS and Condor

Hello Philip

Thank you for the response. We have plans to deploy a new HPC system at the University of Alabama and are currently finalizing our design framework before the hardware orders are made. We currently run a 130 node, 260 core cluster that is being replaced.

We plan to integrate some particularly "beefy" systems into our overall HPC offering by using Condor, and we'd like to be able to devote unused cluster resources to the Condor pool when it's going to be advantageous to the users.

I don't need any particular features over what might be considered standard, but thanks for the offer. What all does the Condor Roll provide versus a manual install? I assume that much of the work is automated for you with the Roll?

Thanks again!

Nilson Cain
University of Alabama        Office of Information Technology, Research
nilson@xxxxxxxxx             (205) 292-5231