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Re: [Condor-users] Condor + University Library computers: good idea?

Hi Rob,

It works for us on about 200 PCs although these are Linux.

We have had quite a lot of success with mathematics, physics and engineering codes which run for a few hours and require lots of runs. Although Condor supports long running jobs we have tended to find that the machines get used in the day and so revoke these jobs quite frequently.

We have found that it helps to have a server machine somewhere which users can log onto to submit their jobs. I know this isn't a requirement but it seems to fit quite well with users expectations of compute resources.

Hope this helps.

On 6 Feb 2009, at 08:10, Rob wrote:


Condor is new software to me, though I have heard of it and I like
the idea of using the computing power of idle PCs.

The university where I work has library facilities with over 400 PCs,
all running Microsoft Windows (mostly XP).
Many of these PCs are idle at certain times of the day.

I would like to suggest to the computer management of the library
to install condor on those PCs, so that the library can then extend
its services to provide computational power to researchers.

My questions about this idea:

1. Is this a good and feasible idea?

2. Has this been done elsewhere already?
  Are there already some "success stories" on using large scale
  (library) computing facilities with condor?

Thank you.

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