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[Condor-users] redirect output file to another machine in the same pool

Hi all,
this my condor file

Executable      = x264
Universe        = vanilla
Error           = err
Output          = out
Log             = log

initialdir      = jobs/stefan_cif_352x288/stefan_cif_1_10_352x288_1

should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
transfer_input_files = stefan_cif_1_10_352x288_1.yuv
transfer_output_files = stefan_cif_1_10_352x288_1.264

Arguments       = --qp 24 --bframes 1 --ref 5 --8x8dct --subme 6 --trellis 2 --me umh --mixed-refs --direct spatial --no-b-adapt --keyint 999 --scenecut -1 -o stefan_cif_1_10_352x288_1.264 stefan_cif_1_10_352x288_1.yuv

it works very well, with this configuration the output file is sent to the UI (the machine which sends the job)
I need to send the output file to another machine in the same pool
if is it possible (to send the output to another machine) what I should modify/add to this condor file to resolve the problem?

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