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Re: [Condor-users] Windows wake-on-lan / "green" computing environments query

On Monday 09 February 2009, o c wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for any pointers, advice, horror stories, etc that people have
> to offer on the subject of getting Condor to work in an environment where
> machines are configured to shut down when idle.
> In our institution we have a Condor pool of ~1600 processors, these are
> Windows machines in general purpose labs & computer suites. Recently a
> "green" computing policy has been implemented such that individual machines
> shutdown when they have been idle for 15 minutes. Idleness is defined as no
> interactive user.
> We'd like to achieve two things:
> 1. Have Condor activity taken into consideration before shutting down,
> i.e., the condition for shutdown should be no interactive user && no batch
> user.
> 2. Have the ability to wake/boot a machine when there is a Condor job for
> it.
> Has anybody got this or anything similar working?
> What is the current status of Condor with respect to such features /
> support for these types of environments?

Have you looked at the 7.1.4 Version History?  As of 7.1.4 (and 7.2.0), Condor 
now has some support for "Green Computing".  Look at 3.15 Power Management in 
the manual for details on it.  Feel free to post with questions, but I think 
you should read that first.


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