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[Condor-users] Condor 7.2.0 Power saving problem: HIBERNATE="S5" not working


I have a problem using the power-saving settings in Condor-7.2.0 and I was wondering if anyone had encountered something similar?

I have installed Condor on a set of Windows XP machines and I would like to shut them down when they are not busy, and use wake-on-lan to start them up again in the morning.

I can set HIBERNATE="S4" in my Condor local config' files and the machines will hibernate fine. However, setting HIBERNATE="S5" results in no shutdowns. I need to go to S5 as these PCs will only wake-on-lan from an S5 state.

The windows service is running as "Local System" and I thought a lack of privileges was the problem. I tried running the service through an administrator account, however, and had the same trouble.

If anyone has any ideas about to fix this I would be very grateful. (I usually work with Linux machines and so I'm quite new to Windows admin.)

Many thanks,
Gethin Williams,
University of Bristol.