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Re: [Condor-users] schedd tripped over?

Carsten Aulbert wrote:
SchedLog.old:2/9 13:26:03 (pid:4294) Shadow pid 13068 for job 9574196.0 exited with status 4

ShadowLog-2/11 13:13:02 (9547479.0) (5738):Trying to unlink /local/condor.h2/spool/cluster9547479.proc0.subproc0.tmp
ShadowLog-2/11 13:13:02 (9573199.0) (3150):ERROR "Unable to talk to job: disconnected
ShadowLog-" at line 154 in file receivers.cpp

The shadow claims it was disconnected from the job. Perhaps the StarterLog on the execute machine has a clue about why that happened.