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[Condor-users] Can a "bare-bone" version of condor measure just idle times statistics?


I would like to do some research on idle times of Windows PCs, before
I launch a full-scale condor project onto the library computer systems.

Therefore I was wondering how I could just do that, without yet have to
worry about scheduling, job submission etc.

Can a stripped version (or 'bare-bone' version) of condor do that for me?

With "stripped" I mean a minimal number of daemons running on both
the pool of Windows PCs and the Linux central manager PC.

For example, would the following do:

On Windows pool PCs
    UPDATE_INTERVAL = 60  # use a time resolution of 1 minute

On Linux central manager

Could that work?
I may also have to set appropriate log variables, so that enough info on
idle time is being logged (I'm not yet at that stage of studying condor).

All I want, is condor to collect the idle times of all the Windows PCs in the pool.

I would appreciate if somebody could comment on this idea.

Thank you!