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Re: [Condor-users] Installed condor on Fedora with yum: condor_compile not there!

Rob wrote:

I have installed condor 7.2.0 on Fedora 9 as a precompiled rpm package (with yum).

There are many condor_foobar executables in /usr/bin and /usr/sbin.

However, I don't have condor_compile.

There is lots of talking in the manual on condor_compile, which now confuses me.

Am I missing something important, or is condor_compile not required anymore in 7.2?


I maintain the condor package in Fedora, and you're right it is a bit different from the packages you may get directly from UW. Not all of Condor's features are supported on all platforms. Some have dependencies that cannot be met everywhere.

The Fedora packaging guidelines currently preclude inclusion of the Standard Universe (SU) because of its dependencies and fashion that it is built. At the time the package was created, this was also true for Globus gahps, though it may not still be true. It may be possible to package Globus for Fedora, while for the SU it isn't possible to have a dependency on a patched version of glibc. Additionally, the SU has not been ported to the newest glibc in Fedora.

That all said, it's possible that you could run some condor_compile'd binaries in your Fedora pool, but the condor_compile may have to occur on a separate system where condor_compile is supported.