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[Condor-users] JobLeaseDuration getting updated but no N/W connection between execute machine


    I submitted a from job from Host A and it is executing in Host B.
But after some time there is a N/W failure between the execute Host B
and submitter Host B. I found following in ShadowLog.

2/12 17:26:33 (369.0) (11518): Updating Job Queue:
SetAttribute(DiskUsage = 171452)
2/12 17:26:33 (369.0) (11518): Updating Job Queue:
SetAttribute(LastJobLeaseRenewal = 1234439552)
2/12 17:34:40 (369.0) (11518): DaemonCore: in SendAliveToParent()
2/12 17:34:40 (369.0) (11518): DaemonCore: Leaving SendAliveToParent() -
2/12 17:54:10 (369.0) (11518): DaemonCore: in SendAliveToParent()
2/12 17:54:10 (369.0) (11518): DaemonCore: Leaving SendAliveToParent() -
2/12 18:13:40 (369.0) (11518): DaemonCore: in SendAliveToParent()
2/12 18:13:40 (369.0) (11518): DaemonCore: Leaving SendAliveToParent() -


But the when I execute condor_q -l 369.0 | grep LastJobLeaseRenewal.
frequently I saw It got changed 

LastJobLeaseRenewal value is changed. At an interval of 300 sec it got

how LastJobLeaseRenewal classAd got updated? but no Update from Host B
to shadow.

So condor_q -run says till the job running in the Host B. 


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