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Re: [Condor-users] 7.2 manual, chapter 2: typos

Condor Team: ever consider releasing the documentation as something
interactive that can be comment on directly? I'm not sure wiki is the
right word here. You probably wouldn't want the doc pages modified
directly by all users. But something akin to what Postgres does:


I can read the docs with and without comments. Users can ask questions
about doc pages (and presumably your doc writers can see which doc
sections get a lot of questions asked and need updating), answer
questions, point out errata.

- Ian

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I'm very thankful to the well-written and extensive manual that comes
with Condor 7.2.

I'd like to contribute my 2 cents, by pointing out typos and other
mistakes I encounter
while reading the manual. Is it OK to do that here?

I refer here to the pdf manual:

Page 15 / par. 5: "job(which" -> "job (which"

Page 20 / par. 4: "foo(which" -> "foo (which"

Page 22 / par. 6: "if there jobs" -> "If there are jobs"

Page 64 / par. 3: "to to enforce" -> "to enforce"

Page 97 / par. 5: "The job is always" -> "The job always"



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