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Re: [Condor-users] FW: job submitting to powerful machines.

> Thanks a lot for your well documented reply, sorry to keep knocking at
> your door but it's hard to find someone with your willingness to teach
> and instruct. I got some clarifications but other doubts arise. I got
> lost completely in the two points

No sweat. I got a lot from this community when I was starting out with
Condor -- it's nice to be able give back.

> a) NEGOTIATOR_POST_JOB_RANK, where should I change this value at the
> Central manager condor_config file or across the board on all the
> machines?

At the central manager. It applies to the condor_negotiator daemon.

> b) Effective user Priority and Real User Priority, specifically at
> part: " User priority* is a pool-wide metric kept and calculated by
> Condor that guides the division of the slots between multiple users in
> your system according to Condor's fair share negotiation algorithm.
> *Effective user priority* is calculated using the internal-to-Condor
> "Real User Priority" number -- which measures the user's resource
> throughout time -- the priority factor set for the user in the system
> the administrator, and some additional policy factors like a nice user
> setting and a remote users multiplier."

If you want to set the multiplier for a user you can use the
condor_userprio command:


Lets say I have a user who's a light user of the system (so their Real
User Priority is always high because they don't run many jobs) but I
don't want them to be able to take over the system when they do submit
jobs. I want the system to *think* they're a heavy user at all times.
I'll set their priority factor really high so their Effective User
Priority is always lousy (i.e. always high):

        > condor_userprio -setfactor user@mydomain 100

The docs for condor_userprio explain things a little more clearly.

- Ian

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