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Re: [Condor-users] condor_status with Windows hostname: unknown host(sometimes !?!).

> I'm puzzled how to get the status of just one host of the pool.
> $ condor_status pm37
> condor_status: unknown host pm37
> Why does the first one work, but the second one doesn't?

In my pool I have:

UID_DOMAIN = altera.com

That's fine for Linux machine. They all have hostnames in the form:

But there was a time when my Windows machines, because of some stupid MS
DHCP thing, all had hostnames of the form: <host>.altera.priv.altera.com
-- don't ask me why. It's something Microsoft-y they did to annoy us. It
can be fixed but it requires some admin trickery I don't know. I left it
up to the IT guys to fix it...

...anyways, if I wanted to address a windows machine directly I had to
use the full name, including all that .altera.priv.altera.com stuff,
otherwise Condor couldn't find it in it's database. Might be I just
needed to use .altera.priv. I don't think I ever tried that.

You can see if your machines having strange hostnames like this by

condor_status -f "%s\n" machine

That'll show you the hostname + domain information for every slot.

- Ian

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