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[Condor-users] cannot find address for local master

I think this is a simple problem, but I'm not making progress resolving it.
condor_off -master
condor_on -master
both commands above produce this output with and exit code of 1,

Can't find address for local master
Perhaps you need to query another pool.

I found an thread in the archives for this list saying the error can
be produced when CONDOR_HOST is not set, but I have it set at the top
of  both the local config, and the etc/condor_config

the command
ps -aef | grep -i condor
Shows nothing is running for condor.

I'm installing on a single machine to start with, using
I configured it with this command
./condor_configure  --install=/opt/UPS/or/condor/condor-7.0.5
--type=manager,execute,submit --central-manager=uskyarpds0310
--local-dir=/opt/UPS/or/condor.dir/local.uskyarpds0310 --verbose

I have done the config several times, removing the previous
install-dir before re-configure
I also removed the /tmp/condor-lock.*  dir (but the lock dir is not recreated )
Nothing shows up in my local  logs,  no log files are even produced.
What would be good step toward tracking down the cause of this problem?