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Re: [Condor-users] Condorview issues with Job Stats


>That is right.  A condorview server is just a collector.
>It can, in fact, be the same collector as your regular collector.
>Condorview has nothing to do with whether any particular
>job is running, it only knows the totals as seen by the
>collector, based on condor_status -submitters

But surely that info as seen by the collectors has to come from 
Somewhere originally, i.e. from the submit schedd, or elsewhere

>If you want the condorview server to show all three of pools,
>then VIEW_SERVER on pool B and pool C should be set to be
>the same as the VIEW_SERVER on pool A.  You can, and many
>do, aggregate the output of many collectors into one VIEW_SERVER.

This is our setup. Using the previous example we have all 3
collectors in pools A, B and C reporting to our only condorview server
which resides in pool A.