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Re: [Condor-users] condor_mail Problems On Windows

The windows condor_mail binary is broken in the latest release, copying
the binary from the older stable release has been reported to be a
workaround. Note that several of the windows users on this list who
normally upgrade to the stable windows release have stayed on the 7.0
series in anticipation of 7.2.1


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Sorry if this has been reported before but I'm just starting out with
Condor and would really appreciate some advice...

On 7.2.0 under both XP and Vista, condor_mail appears to be stuck in an
infinite loop: it does not terminate and Task Manager shows that it is
eating up about 50% of CPU time.  The email doesn't get sent.  There is
nothing untoward in argc, argv or stdin and I can feed the same
information into Blat (manually at a cmd prompt) and the email gets sent

On 7.0.5, condor_mail doesn't take over the machine but the email still
doesn't get sent.

Is there a fix/work-round for this?

Tim Miller
University of Exeter Business School

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