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Re: [Condor-users] Condor configuration question

2 ways to do it
a) here is a preemption requirements statement much like
the UWCS default one.

[root@fcdf2x1 ~]# condor_config_val PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS
(((CurrentTime - EnteredCurrentState) > (1 * (10 * 60)) && RemoteUserPrio
SubmittorPrio * 1.2) && RemoteUser =!= "cdf@xxxxxxxx" && RemoteUser =!=
"cdffgrid@xxxxxxxx" && RemoteUser =!= "cdfnam@xxxxxxxx" && RemoteUser =!= "cdfdev@xxxxxxxx"

All you have to do is to up the timestamp from more than 600 seconds,
as above, to however much time you want in seconds.

Second thing you can do is to use nonzero maxjobretirementtime
so things will still pre-empt but it will still have maxjobretirementtime
seconds to finish the job.

For both of the scenarios above machine RANK should be set to zero.

Steve Timm

On Tue, 6 Jan 2009, Balamurali Ananthan wrote:


Wondering if it is possible to configure condor in such a way that, a remote
user's job should not be preempted before a certain time is elapsed.

For example, userx submits a job that runs for more-or-less 10 hours. I want
to configure condor in such a way that the job once started on an execute
machine, should not be disturbed for 11 hours.

If this is possible, could someone please point me to the right

Thanks much!

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