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Re: [Condor-users] condor fortran question

Ryan Lewis <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> meanwhile, when I submit this job, instead of sticking
> output/error in  the file that it actually creates, it gets
> stuck in a _condor_stdout  _condor_stderr file instead.

Where are you seeing these files?  

On the execute machine in the execute/dir_1234 directory?  If so,
this is expected.  As an implementation detail, if your standard
output or standard error paths include directories we use
temporary files  When the results are pulled back, they should
end up where you expect.

On the submit machine in the directory you ran condor_submit
from?  That sounds wrong to me, and we'd need to look into it.
If this is the problem, as an immediate workaround you can set
error and output to naked filenames without any directories.
Obviously this means your standard output and error won't be
where you want, but it should work fine.  Doing so avoids the
entire _condor_std* code path.

Alan De Smet                              Condor Project Research
adesmet@xxxxxxxxxxx                http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/