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[Condor-users] Condor_HAD refused to Start ..after nego restart command.


    I restarted negotiator by condor_restart -nego. Then It didn't start
up I check the log file. No update happen because I am using the HAD. so
I checked the HAD Log I shows like following but I haven't changed any

1/9 19:10:12 HADStateMachine::initializeHADList my address
<> vs. next address in the list<>

1/9 19:10:12 HAD CONFIGURATION ERROR:my address is not present in

1/9 19:10:12 main_shutdown_graceful 
1/9 19:10:12 send command CHILD_OFF_FAST(492) [negotiator] to master
1/9 19:10:12 Initialized the following authorization table:
1/9 19:10:12 Authorizations yet to be resolved:
1/9 19:10:12 allow READ:  */*.pesgrid.wipro.com
1/9 19:10:12 allow NEGOTIATOR:  */ */ 
1/9 19:10:12 allow ADMINISTRATOR:  */ */ 
1/9 19:10:12 allow OWNER:  */ */

1/9 19:10:12 send to master , !sock.code true 

1/9 19:10:12 **** condor_had(condor_HAD) pid 15938 EXITING WITH STATUS 0

what went wrong.....

I am using condor 7.2.0 


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