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[Condor-users] Feature Request: ability to set processor affinity for a slot

Ahh the world of threads -- what a world it is! Full of lot of nastiness
and complicated debugging issues.

Which leads me to my first feature request of this glorious new year:

I'd like to be able to tell Condor, preferrably on a per-job basis but
even on a per-slot basis this would be great, to spawn the job command
with a processor affinity bit mask so the command and any child threads
from it are locked to a particular processor on a machine (or a
particular set of processors).

Right now I'm handling this by wrapping my *real* command in a higher
level command that Condor calls and the wrapper calls my real command
with a custom executable I've written that sets the processor affinity
bit mask for the real command.

Seems like a not un-natural feature to have the in the startd, nes pas?

The ideal implementation would let me set a different bit mask for each
slot. So slot 1 could lock threads to processor 0, slot 2 to process 1,
etc. I can't think how it could be done on a per-job basis because I'm
going to want to lock a job down based on the slot id.

Happy New Year Condor Team!

- Ian

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