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Re: [Condor-users] help: error with condor_master start

hello, can anybody hello me solve this problem:
      when I try to start the condor on a execution node, I always get this error:
         ERROR: the uid specified in CONDOR_IDS config file variable (2002)
does not exist in your password information.
Please set CONDOR_IDS to the '.' seperated uid, gid pair that
should be used by condor.

I can do 'id condor' and it is there though it is a NIS account with NIS server on other machine.
and even if I change to other local user names with their entries in the /etc/passwd , I got the same error,
it looks like condor is not finding the right password file? I am not sure it is because NIS setting or some other problem.
Note that I am using the dynamic version since it is claimed to give better support for NIS.
One problem maybe that the working node is Ubuntu while my NIS server(also condor central manager)  is using the debian, is this going to be the problem?

 Can anybody help me out?   thanks,