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Re: [Condor-users] Feature Request: ability to setprocessoraffinity for a slot

>>> I slightly optimistically tried using:
>>> WHOLE_MACHINE_JOB=$$([$(MY.RequiresWholeMachine)])
>>> Which didn't work, as I suspected.
>>> Any ideas?
>> You can tell condor_submit to put this in the environment of the job
>> part of the submission ticket:
>> environment = WHOLE_MACHINE_JOB=$(RequiresWholeMachine)
>> If that doesn't work you can tell the Startd to advertise
>> RequiresWholeMachine as part of it's ClassAd when I a job starts by
>> adding the following to your condor_config file on the machine:
>> STARTD_JOB_EXPRS = $(STARTD_JOB_EXPRS), RequiresWholeMachine
> I'm already doing this for the start and suspend conditions to work. I
> could just read the machine's or job's classad in the USER_JOB_WRAPPER
> script using condor_status or whatever, but that seems over the top
> really for something I thought I should be able do set in the
> environment

If you can't modify the submit tickets reliably then modifying the
STARTD_JOB_EXPRS and calling condor_status is your best bet.

>> And then putting the following in your submit ticket:
>> environment = WHOLE_MACHINE_JOB=$$(RequiresWholeMachine)
>> One of those will work. I think. :)
> I was hoping to avoid requiring any modification to submit tickets if
> at all possible (otherwise it makes it possible for a user to omit one
> half of this). Users are already using the RequiresWholeMachine setup,
> and I was looking to use processor affinity to enforce the slots or
> whole machine rules specified.

Can you wrap the submission process for your users? We don't let users
write Condor submit tickets directly so we can do things like enforce
submit ticket macros like this. Works well.

- Ian

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