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Re: [Condor-users] Condor's benchmarks

Liam Gretton wrote:
On start up, Condor performs some benchmarks and reports the MIPs and kFLOPs value in the machine's list of ClassAds.

For a multi-core or multi-CPU machine, are these values per-core/CPU or for the machine as a whole? The values are reported for each slot which initially led me to believe the figure is solely for that slot, but a 4-way dual-core box here reports exactly the same MIPs and kFLOPs value for each slot. I'd have expected some small variation between them.

At startup the benchmarks are run on a single core and only once. The result of the benchmark appears on each slot.

The benchmarks appear to be part of the machine's attributes and not a slot's. So they are shared by all slots.