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Re: [Condor-users] job submitting to powerful machines.

> a)I  am trying to direct my jobs to specific systems that have a more
> robust configuration (higher RAM and Higher CPU power), what feature
> fits the best my needs? RANK or requirement?

Use rank if you want your jobs to *prefer* the better machines, but don't care if it runs on the lesser machines. Use requirements if you *only* want your jobs to run the better machines. The simplistic view of Rank and Requirements:

        Requirements define what machines show up on the list of possible matches.
        Rank helps sort the list.
        Top of the list gets popped and tried first.

> b) Some of my systems have up to 4 CPU, is there a way to direct jobs
> to slot1 or slot2 from the 4 slots available on those system, if it is
> possible, how can that be done?

If you always want to run in slot 1 or 2 regardless of how many CPUs the machine is advertising:

requirements = SlotID == 1 || SlotID == 2

If you only want to run in slot 1 or 2 on machines that have >2 slots advertised:

requirements = (TotalSlots > 2 && (SlotID == 1 || SlotID == 2)) || (TotalSlots <= 2)

> Thanks in advance for your input?

No problem? :)

- Ian

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