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Re: [Condor-users] Shadow Exception!

Hi Madhu:

Certainly the shadow exception is unexpected, and it's the
message should be more user friendly, but I'm not sure
that it is the problem (an please correct me if you believe 
this is an erroneous conclusion).

Initially I was unable to reproduce your problem: I compiled
MULTI.C and everything worked as expected.  However, using your
executable, which may have been tweaked by our mail server
bunging, I get the same error you do.  That said, I can run
your executable from the command line and it emits the same
results my compiled version does.  However, I cannot, via
any API that I've tried, detect that yours is a valid Windows

So maybe if you told me a little about the environment in which
you are developing in, it might allow me to better reconstruct 
your problem.  Is this a 64-bit application? 16-bit (yikes!)?
Is there anything unusual about its compilation or linking? 
Which compiler/linker are you using?