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Re: [Condor-users] condor_exec.exe

Ian Chesal wrote:

Matt, I backed out of my 7.0.x -> 7.2.0 upgrade plan here at Altera but
it wasn't because the binaries were non-functional. The new procd daemon
that takes care of thread clean up and improves privledge separation (or
so the readme says) takes *forever* to kill off a job when a claim
preempts a running job and it was causing havoc with our preemption
policy. I haven't had a chance to try 7.2.0 out with the no-procd option
yet to see if things are sane.

Hi all,

We're currently working with Ian off-list to try and track down the cause of his ProcD slowness. We also tried to reproduce his performance problem using a basic install of Condor of Windows, but were unable to do so. I'm wondering if any other Windows users out there have experienced similar issues with the ProcD.


Greg Quinn
Condor Team