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[Condor-users] Examples needed of VM universe for a beginner....


I'm trying hard to understand the VM universe concepts.
However, the documentation is very, very difficult; all documentation
I can find explains details to people who already know the basic
principles of VM/Condor.

Trying from scratch, like me, very basic questions arise and
it's very difficult to find the appropriate info and howto's.

This is what I've done so far:
I've managed to submit a HelloWorld.exe file to the Windows Pool PC as a
vanilla job. Also succeeded to submit a java HelloWorld job in a java universe.

Condor, ActivePerl and VMware server are installed on my pool Windows PCs
and the master gets positive response with the "condor_status -vm" command.

I have created a Linux virtual machine, which boots fine and gives a simple
text login prompt (runlevel 3).

In Condor manual I read that the "executable" in my submit script should be the
virtual machine. Hmmm, what does that mean? The virtual machine is actually a
directory with a whole bunch of files......so what to do here?

OK, say I'll figure out how to submit the virtual machine,
then what job will be executed on the virtual machine?
The virtual machine will boot and provide a login prompt......
what job does condor then execute?

I can't find answers to these very basic questions related to VM.

I wish the manual had an explicit "Hello World" example of a VM
universe job, which may illustrate how it works for beginners!!

Thank you,