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Re: [Condor-users] Examples needed of VM universe for a beginner....

Hi Rob:

Here is an example of a VM job:


It covers the basics that may not be obvious from the documentation.


> Hi,
> I'm trying hard to understand the VM universe concepts.
> However, the documentation is very, very difficult; all documentation
> I can find explains details to people who already know the basic
> principles of VM/Condor.
> Trying from scratch, like me, very basic questions arise and
> it's very difficult to find the appropriate info and howto's.
> This is what I've done so far:
> I've managed to submit a HelloWorld.exe file to the Windows Pool PC as a
> vanilla job. Also succeeded to submit a java HelloWorld job in a java
> universe.
> Condor, ActivePerl and VMware server are installed on my pool Windows PCs
> and the master gets positive response with the "condor_status -vm"
> command.
> I have created a Linux virtual machine, which boots fine and gives a
> simple
> text login prompt (runlevel 3).
> In Condor manual I read that the "executable" in my submit script should
> be the
> virtual machine. Hmmm, what does that mean? The virtual machine is
> actually a
> directory with a whole bunch of files......so what to do here?
> OK, say I'll figure out how to submit the virtual machine,
> then what job will be executed on the virtual machine?
> The virtual machine will boot and provide a login prompt......
> what job does condor then execute?
> I can't find answers to these very basic questions related to VM.
> I wish the manual had an explicit "Hello World" example of a VM
> universe job, which may illustrate how it works for beginners!!
> Thank you,
> Rob.
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