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Re: [Condor-users] Condor port usage

Set the HIGHPORT and LOWPORT in the condor_config, say



LOWPORT = 9600


And setup firewall rule to allow traffic in the port range 9600 – 9620 for both TCP and UDP.


Hope this helps.


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Hi all. I'm setting up condor at the University of Alabama on a testbed basis at the moment. We're looking at deploying campuswide eventually, but I'm having one particular issue regarding Condor's port usage and firewalls. In order to mitigate any security risk that we can, the Central Manager is behind a firewall. I can't get client nodes to connect to the CM with the firewall on, though I have opened port 9618/TCP as specified in the docs.

Is there another port that must be open for the CM to communicate with client nodes?

Thanks a lot for any insight!

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