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Re: [Condor-users] Condor and processor affinity

> I this a security hole in that it might be possible for the child process
> to spawn a child process of its own in the time window between the call to
> CreateProcess() and AssignProcessToJobObject()?  If so, then I don't think
> this affects us, since we start all user processes in a suspended state,
> so that we can do a few things of our own, after-which we start the
> process.  In our case, there is, effectively, no windows between the call
> to CreateProcess() and the one to AssignProcessToJobObject().

If this is secure (I'm no security expert, especially not on Win32) then that's fine. I actually don't care either way since our farm is run assuming non malicious users.

> My thought, and please correct me if this is a bad approach, was that the
> starter would "own" the job object (i.e. keep a copy of it) and only add
> the Condor Job's process as a member, and not the starter itself.  This
> way the starter could continue to track the Condor job using an extension
> to the existing processes tracking framework (i.e. the condor_procd).

I believe this should work fine, it is possible to own/interact with a job without making yourself part of it.

> Would you find having all the Windows Job Object options exposed to be
> helpful, or is there a specific subset that, in your experience, has been
> used the most.  It seems to me that exposing the quota options would be
> helpful, but I'm uncertain about the UI restrictions, for instance.

Currently we only limit memory and cpu affinity. Anything else is not important to our needs though I imagine limiting UI access would be something some people would like...

You would likely want to default to prevent CREATE_BREAKAWAY_FROM_JOB as well

Hope that helps


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