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[Condor-users] Condor to PBS Integration: Anyone got this working?

Dear fellow Condor users,

We have a compute cluster here in Cardiff that is using PBSPro for its
queuing system. Due to the particular needs of one of our research
groups we are looking into configuring a condor system to submit jobs
into the PBSPro queue.

>From a bit of googling it seems to be possible. However no-one I've
talked to thus far is seriously using this capability. So I'm looking
for anyone to tell me that they are submitting jobs from Condor to PBS
(pro or torque) on a regular basis. If you are could you tell me what
versions of condor and pbs you are using?

It looks to me like only the i386 version of Condor ships with the
relevant files to make this work. Am I correct or have I missed


Huw Lynes                       | Advanced Research Computing
HEC Sysadmin                    | Cardiff University
                                | Redwood Building, 
Tel: +44 (0) 29208 70626        | King Edward VII Avenue, CF10 3NB