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[Condor-users] Condor and Oracle

Hello colleagues,

I have constructed a condor pool with four Windows machines. All the computers have same characteristics. I have started batch jobs in the pool. Each job calculates, analyzes data and finally writes results into an Oracle database. The Oracle is installed on a separate machine.
I have noted the execution time for the simulation in the pool. Afterwards I have tried to execute the same jobs sequentially by a single machine in order to compare the times. The comparison shows that the execution of one job by a single computer is about a half time less than the execution time of the same job in the pool.
The simulation in the pool is expected to give about four times effectiveness than the same jobs, executed by one computer. Is it possible the simultaneous access to Oracle to make the whole process slower? Or the reason could be another?
I have plans to extend the pool to run real financial jobs, but, due to these results, I am not sure if it is worth doing.

Thanks in advance,
Ivaylo Penev  

Department of Computer Technique and Automation
Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria