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Re: [Condor-users] Questions about DAGMAN jobs & How to setup notification to other users in DAGMAN jobs?

Thanks for your answer Kent, I ran my dag job using your suggestion and
it seems to work fine. But I have an question here, you said in case I
want to notify multiple users I need to create a final node that will
send the notifications. How do you do that? 
I am not a newbie in condor but I am not an expert neither and this
DAGMAN topic is completely new to me. Maybe if you have some spare to
time, would you be  kind enough to share that knowledge or maybe you can
point me to a document that explains how to do that?
Concerning the question about the Rescue DAG, after reading the manual
around 5 times I got it... thanks for your explanation as well on that
Thanks again for your time and knowledge,

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On Wed, 22 Jul 2009, Alas, Alex [FEDI] wrote:

> I am here again requesting expert help. I've been away for a while
> is a good thing because my condor environment have been stabled and
> working fine also I've been on top of all the needs so far so I thank
> you all for the help and support you have been giving me through all
> these past times.
> I am starting to play with DAGMAN jobs and so far I was able to
> successfully submit a few testing jobs but I don't know how to make
> DAGMAN submit file to issue a notification to other users (different
> than the one is submitting the job).

If you just want to notify a single user, you can do this:

   condor_submit_dag -append 'notify_user = <email>' <whatever>.dag

If you want to notify multiple users, I think you'd have to do something

like add a final node to the DAG that would send the notification.

> One more thing, I have read in some DAGMAN tutorials that you can
> configure a Rescue part within the DAGMAN jobs but after search
> over the manual and within those same tutorials I don't find the
> way to do it, maybe I am looking at the wrong documentation, if anyone
> here can point me to a link or document where the rescue part is well
> explain, please do so.

Well, you don't really "configure" a rescue DAG -- you get a rescue DAG
if your DAG fails because a node or nodes fail, or because the DAGMan
job itself is condor_rm'ed.  If you are running a fairly recent version
of DAGMan (7.1.0 or later), if a rescue DAG exists, it is run 
automatically when you run the "base" DAG.  With older versions you
need to manually run the rescue DAG (e.g., 'condor_submit_dag 

Kent Wenger
Condor Team
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